Media Xchange

Simplifying Your Digital Strategy

MediaXchange offers digital media solutions to all the online inventory sellers and buyers via its advanced programmatic open RTB and helps them progress throughout their journey. With our high-end RTB enabled platform, advertisers can leverage programmatic targeting and publishers can monetize their inventories with global demand and achieve maximum fill rates.

Why MediaXchange

Global Coverage

We provide worldwide coverage along with competitive bids to publishers.


We provide detailed targeting options like geo, demographic, browsers, keywords, etc.

Instant Support

We provide professional and dedicated support for efficient and timely assistance.

Timely Payouts

We aim to extend swift payments to our publishers promptly.


For Advertisers

Programmatic Advertising

We provide complete control of the ad campaigns to the advertisers with the help of our highly advanced programmatic platform. Advertisers can leverage real-time tracking of the campaign performance. With the premium inventories integrated and multitude of targeting options along with flexible costing models, advertisers can secure the best returns.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual feeds provided by MediaXchange allows advertisers to buy highly targeted traffic, relevant to their product offerings. Advertisers can create dynamic ads that can also be customized in the real time. mediaXchange serves millions of impressions and clicks via its leading and trusted publisher partners to provide the maximum exposure.

For Publishers

Monetize Your Content Seamlessly & Effectively


Mobile Web & App

Contextual Advertising

Publisher Service Overview

MediaXchange provides access to the premium advertisers from across the globe to offer maximum coverage, leading to the best revenue. We ensure that a wide range of premium advertisers are bidding to win your traffic resulting in the best exposure for your overall traffic. We believe in pursuing business goals mutually and providing highest return values.


Highly Rewarding Customized XML Feeds, Landing Pages

Notable Worldwide Traffic

CPC, CPM, CPUV, CPV Pricing Models

High Revenue Share

Easy Setup

Timely Payouts

Dedicated Account Manager

Robust/ Swift Customer Support

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